TALK’n TROUBLE: “Giving Liberates The Soul of the Giver” – Maya Angelou


Welcome, Trouble-Making champions of change! This month, we proudly unveil three new, high-impact TroubleGiving partners who do compelling work to advance gender equity in creative, innovative ways. These fabulous organizations with extraordinary leaders will surely motivate you to honor a TroubleMaker close to your heart (or, your bad own self!) with a gift from Trouble, knowing 100% of profits will support these awesome change makers! They’re powerhouses who are rewriting the rules and reshaping the world. Get ready to be inspired and fired up as we dive into their stories and their missions. Come along with us and be part of the unrelenting force that is TroubleGiving!

Shattering Boundaries and Demanding Justice – First up, we have the unstoppable Essie Justice Group led by a fearless Founder and Executive Director Gina Clayton-Johnson. Gina is inspired by women every day and learned from the strong women in her family how we all – as ‘sisters’ – have always worked together to make the world go around. This org came recommended to us by a phenomenal funder focused on social justice and gender equity, Maia Monell of (a TM in her own right). Essie Justice Group is on a mission to dismantle the chains of mass incarceration, countering the devastating impacts on women and our communities. By harnessing the collective power of women with incarcerated loved ones, Essie Justice Group is shaking the foundations of injustice. Get behind TroubleGiving to support the Essie Justice Group and become part of our push for progress.

Paving the Way for Trailblazing Women in STEM – Get up on your collective feet as we introduce STEM from Dance, led by the trailblazing visionary Yamilée Toussaint-Beach. She is a persistent and tenacious TroubleMaker. Endorsed by the unstoppable TM Ruthe Farmer of Last Mile Education Fund, STEM from Dance is on a mission to obliterate race and gender disparities in the world of STEM. Combining the confidence-building power of dance with the pursuit of scientific excellence, this organization is breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes. When you, TroubleGiving, and STEM from Dance join forces, we’re part of a revolution that supports and encourages girls to conquer the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with their innate poise and spirit intact.

Unleashing Brilliance and Bridging Educational Divides  – Prepare to be blown away by Gotham Scholars, led by the indomitable Sheila Patel. Recommended by the awe-inspiring TM Maneesha Ghiya of Fem Health Ventures, Gotham Scholars is a 501(c)(3) education non-profit dedicated to nurturing highly motivated New York public high school students. Armed with academic enrichment, extracurricular activities, mentorship, and college access support, Gotham Scholars is tearing down barriers and forging paths to educational equity. You, TroubleGiving, and Gotham Scholars together? We become a driving force, creating change and bringing diversity and brilliance to classrooms and beyond.

Releasing a Flood of Change: At TroubleGiving, we live and breathe the spirit of inclusivity and equity. As Meredith, one of our kickass co-founders declares, we understand that true change requires acknowledging the intersecting forces of race, gender, and economics. By embracing this comprehensive approach, we enhance the momentum of transformation. We’re here to close equity gaps and leave a lasting impact.

Champions of change, we set the stage for another exhilarating journey! Together, we celebrate and support these phenomenal leaders and organizations entering the TroubleGiving realm. Brace yourselves because the impact we will make is seismic. Remember, when you make a purchase on our site to honor and send gifts to TroubleMakers in your life, every penny fuels our TroubleGiving partners’ fire. Let us channel our collective power and unleash our inner badasses! The future is ours to conquer, and we will leave an indelible mark on this world.

Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration.

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