TALK’n TROUBLE: Celebrate Women’s History Month


Let’s be honest, women make stuff happen all the time. Always have. We make the world go around, from high-impact,  progressive stuff to the unseen life-affirming stuff. Yesterday and today, so many women are doing important things. Women are making positive changes, working for peace, challenging the status quo, and speaking truth to power. There are everyday unsung heroes all around us, doing the day-to-day stuff, doing what it takes to live fully despite the barriers to our successes that we all recognize. Those women doing what they choose to do in fields dominated by men: firefighters (5%), software developers (18%), and chief execs (27%). Women who are our neighbors, coworkers, mothers, sisters, and aunts who just don’t subscribe to the notion that there is anything they—and we—cannot do if we want to! TroubleMakers all around us. We love and want to honor them all! 

Last month, celebrating Valentine’s Day, Trouble started a new initiative to encourage you to think about and recognize the superwomen in your life. We launched our TroubleGram program.  Sending a TroubleGram to women in your world who inspire, support, or encourage you is a small symbolic gesture that turns your admiration into action. Imagine how nice it would feel to receive one from someone you love, someone whose life you have touched. What if you got one from someone you didn’t even realize you influenced? How cool is that? Don’t we all aspire to be a positive force? It would be wonderful to have proof that you’d improved the life of another person just by being you! And doesn’t it feel like the right thing to do, to let them know you see and appreciate them, to honor your favorite TroubleMaker for good? 

In celebrating Women’s History Month, we remind you, “You can’t make history if you don’t make Trouble!” Send a TroubleGram that will make the recipient’s day, and your donation will support our TroubleGiving Partners, who are working to promote equity for women and girls. All our products are designed to inspire and honor the TroubleMakers among us, and we are proud to support organizations and individuals who strive for change.

If you would like to observe Women’s History Month and March 8th, International Women’s Day, our TroubleGram is one way to celebrate. Honor and pay tribute to women you know who embody strength and resilience, lead by example and lift you up, are a meaningful force in your life, and deserve to know it and to be encouraged by your heartfelt recognition.

Happy Women’s History Month to you and yours. Keep making Trouble the way you do every day. We see you, support you, and appreciate you and all you’ve contributed to make our work successful, and to make Trouble For Good. The work never ends!

Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration.

Share what you learn here with the TroubleMakers you know and love.


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