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TALK’n TROUBLE: Love and Equity

Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to expressing love and affection, is just around the corner. Popular ways to celebrate include gifts of roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, vintage Valentines, and romantic restaurant tables for two. While we eagerly anticipate being showered by our loved ones with tokens of appreciation (TROUBLE swag?), it’s also a

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TALK’n TROUBLE: Unseen Influencers

Our culture constantly spotlights the loud and outrageous. Our media focus on the extraordinary and the sensational. The next shiny thing distracts us from what’s meaningful, and impactful in our day-to-day lives. But, it’s more often the quiet strength, resilience, and effort of regular people that powers and propels the real world. Progress and positive

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TALK’n TROUBLE: Three Guesses

Check out the list of October’s 206 observances and awareness events for the month. There are also 1159 individual days during the month with holidays scheduled. Overkill? Will you celebrate National Cookie, Pizza, Pork, or Seafood Month? How about Orthodontic Health, Agent Orange Awareness, and Bat Appreciation Month? The hype calendar for October is fractured

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TALK’n TROUBLE: Independence for ALL

In an individual’s life in a democratic republic like the USA, we can understand independence as the freedom and ability to exercise autonomy, make choices, and pursue one’s goals and interests without undue external constraints. It encompasses various key aspects that are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. In most, if not all of these areas, women

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