We believe women who cause Trouble change the world

TroubleMakers for good.

Trouble was started by Bari and Meredith, two women who’d found their seats at the board room table and knew that was far from enough. They were tired of hearing how far we’ve come as a society when they could see clearly how far we still have to go. They wanted to accelerate the process of equity by creating a new kind of brand, one that inspires women, supports women, funds women’s causes, and recognizes the barriers caused by intersectionality.


A world where we all come together and cause trouble for good, where difficult conversations happen in order to make the world a more equitable, inclusive place.


TroubleMakers Anita Bloch, Anya Spirito, Cyanna Rosa, Ellen Curren, Erin Mahoney, Leanne Foster, and Loretta Kennedy

meet our advisory board

Bari Harlam and Meredith Curren (1)

Anita LaRue

Attorney, Senior Prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the District of Columbia

Craig Auster

Senior Director, Political Affairs at the League of Conservation Voters

Donna Sams

Executive Leader and Coach, Dynamic Change Strategist, Writer, Facilitator

Isabel Restrepo

Lead Data Scientist at the Center for Computation and Visualization at Brown University

Lester Strong

Co-founder of Elder Odyssey and former CEO of AARP Experience Corps

our guiding values


We celebrate what is real and genuine, operating with the highest degree of transparency and kindness. We know there will be growing pains along the way, decisions we make today that we would make differently in the future, and we embrace that as part of the process.

We are not the first women to fight for empowerment. We are the members of a century’s-long community, and we are actively recruiting more like-minded people into our ranks. Because we know there is strength in numbers, and we all go further when we work and collaborate together.



We are not perfect, though we’re darn capable. We have accomplishments, and we never downplay them. But we never downplay our flaws, either. Because we’re not ashamed of them. We know strength does not come from fearlessness, but from standing up for yourself – your whole self – despite your fear.

We’re serious about equity without taking ourselves too seriously. We can incite change using our wit, our wonder and our wisdom.


Wanting to cause trouble too?
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