Talkin’ Trouble sometimes draws inspiration from the causes or special interests highlighted for promotion during the calendar month of our blog post. Compared to other countries, the U.S. is big on these ‘national month’ designations. There are some truly obscure themes that create artificial opportunities to advance even the most unremarkable interests. April is one […]

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TALK’n TROUBLE: Precedents Day

In the 1880s a federal holiday was created to celebrate the birthday of the first President of the United States, General George Washington. Then in 1968, while voting to move all federal holidays to Mondays so workers could get a few long weekends every year, Congress decided that Lincoln’s February birthday should be included in

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TALK’n TROUBLE: Kick-off January

January is National Poverty in America Awareness Month. It’s probably no surprise to TroubleMakers that globally, most people living in poverty are women. In the United States of America, 70% of our nation’s poor are women and children. Poverty means being without many things. It’s so much more than not having enough money. Most of

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Here we go again, TroubleMakers. Another December. January is right around the corner. Now’s when we tend to look back over everything we did; the incredible number of things we  saw, heard and felt in the past year. This is when we crunch the numbers; evaluate, compare, and recalibrate. Time to break it all down

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TALK’n TROUBLE: Marking Time

TROUBLE is proudly marking its second anniversary this fall. “Marking” – not really celebrating, given the social and political conditions we’re in. Things aren’t where we had hoped they would be two years in on our mission to promote gender equity. The backlash against women’s social progress in our country and around the world has

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TALK’n TROUBLE: Healthy Diversion

What a summer. No end to the bad news. Polarizing politics, civil rights eroding, tragic gun violence, persistent Covid, spreading monkeypox, record temperatures, widespread drought, global wildfires, rising prices…and sharks! What in hell?!  Some days it’s overwhelming. If you can, it might help a bit to step back from it all. Try a non-denial escape;

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