TALK’n TROUBLE: Healthy Diversion

What a summer. No end to the bad news. Polarizing politics, civil rights eroding, tragic gun violence, persistent Covid, spreading monkeypox, record temperatures, widespread drought, global wildfires, rising prices…and sharks! What in hell?!  Some days it’s overwhelming. If you can, it might help a bit to step back from it all. Try a non-denial escape; …

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TALK’n TROUBLE: March on!

Consider for a moment the serendipity of celebrating Women’s History Month in MARCH. Women have so often exercised their considerable collective power by marching for change. Marching for basic civil rights, for a say in their governance, for autonomy over their bodies, for fairness and equity. None of these historical efforts have been wasted. Progress …

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TALK’n TROUBLE: Trouble is a gift.

Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa: Whichever holidays you observe, and even if you don’t celebrate at all, in much of the world, this time of year is associated with gift-giving. Giving is an expression of ourselves, our motivations, and our expectations. It has a historical and symbolic meaning. Gifting is in our DNA. Throughout history, …

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